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      No need for a city!

The ship buried itself iunderground from public view and jerren and ami  began to walk . There journey and long walk lasted for about 3 hours until they stopped only being 1 mile awy to there destination. tey took deep breaths.
"man only a mile away and i'm already at my limit said ami as she took deep breaths putting her hands on her knees.
"i agree said jerren  nearly falling to the ground. my body cn't take another step.
they then fell completly on the ground.jsut then two cats appeared before was artamis and luna.wake up you two said luna we have somthing for you. jerren and ami got up and saw that it was luna and artamis.
          The planet genon

The silver luna pierced through the planets atmosphere and after a few minutes landed on its soil. A few minutes later Jerren and ami got out and took deep breaths. There  mercurian and regular servants  came out but  jerren and ami turned them back to the ship.

No my servants you stay in the ship were its safe said ami, if you were to follow us you would attract unwanted attention. 
Yeah and well be discovred said jerren, so instead rest inside the ships main subspace and build homes there if you like. 
We understand the servants all said in unison as they went back into the ship. 
Now all we half to do is change are identify said ami but how? 

Man ! If we only had some help right   now!

YeH said ami like from endymon and serinity be continued.......
                                               no need for fugitives

         so what your report my servant said Syuuzen as he turned his attention to the spy. 
Well my lord the boy and girl called jerren and ami just defected and left jurai. The jurain armada is after them as we speak and there branded traitors to the empire. The exiles from mercury  on the other hand was branded a national security threat to Jurai and the union and

were sent to interment camps.
"this changes everything said syuuzen.we need to escalate our plans. now that the economy is in shambles its time for plan b time for revolution.
meanwhile the silverluna arrived on a planet far away...

to be continued
end of arc 4!
         No need for plans

Meanhile back on Jurai in the amaki kingdom ,a spie came back to report to the emporer . He landed his ship by the castle and aproached the guards who were in front of the castle. State your purpose said one of the guard on the left , who are you?.
I'm a hired spy sent by emporer syuuzen to spur on the misaki kingdom. I just came from my assignment and want to speak with him for I have some very important news.
" you may enter then the guard on the right said as he opened the huge doors. The man entered and walked through the hallway s all the way to the thrown room were he approached a man and a woman.the man not the throne had white hair  caucasian skin,white eyes and ws muscular in appearance.his robe was a splash of blue and white.his name was syuuzen maki jury

to be continued.........
Hey also check my  fanfic on by this guy who helped me edit


United States
a fan of ,sega,and history of all kinds! and make fanfics.

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