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                                               no need for fugitives

         so what your report my servant said Syuuzen as he turned his attention to the spy. 
Well my lord the boy and girl called jerren and ami just defected and left jurai. The jurain armada is acter them as we speak and there branded traitors to the empire. The exiles from mercury  on the other hand was branded a national security threat to Judah and the union and
         No need for plans

Meanhile back on Jurai in the amaki kingdom ,a spie came back to report to the emporer . He landed his ship by the castle and aproached the guards who were in front of the castle. State your purpose said one of the guard on the left , who are you?.
I'm a hired spy sent by emporer syuuzen to spur on the misaki kingdom. I just came from my assignment and want to speak with him for I have some very important news.
" you may enter then the guard on the right said as he opened the huge doors. The man entered and walked through the hallway s all the way to the thrown room were he approached a man and a woman.the man not the throne had white hair  caucasian skin,white eyes and ws muscular in appearance.his robe was a splash of blue and white.his name was syuuzen maki jury

to be continued.........
      No need for a battle!

Meanwhile imperial jurian military ships caught up with the silver luna and started shooting it with lazers.
Its jurai! Said jerren looking at the screens the military is shooting at us!
We have to get them off of us said ami  its time to counter attack!. The silver luna stared to shooT multiple lasers at the ships and some of the ships were eiter damaged or destroyed. Here lets do hyper jump said jerren. 
Good idea said ami , lets lose them!. Jerren used hyper jump and vanshed into hyper space
To be continued......
       No need for a chase!

I'm counting on you to bring them back here to jurai my daughter said Seto as she went to joie and put her hand on her shoulder. The pride and fate of jurai s at stake. 
"I will not fail you my mother she sad bowing down to her. Meanwhile an angry mob of jurains went to jerren and amis abandoned castle with torches while others went to the palace and torched it to the ground
What's the most annoying or overatted anime to you?
Hey also check my  fanfic on by this guy who helped me edit


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a fan of ,sega,and history of all kinds! and make fanfics.

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