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I've been hearing online and on YouTube that the pixar films are connected starting from brave to monsters Inc timeline wise.what are your thoughts on it?
 No need for hot springs. Luna and Artemis went back into the portal and left and jerren and ami continued on there journey. An hour later they arrived in the city and tried to find and tried to find a place to stay. They seen some house shacks but they were nasty and broken up. They saw a homeless shelter but they wanted something long lasting and not temporary. Then they saw a place that was half hot spring and half house. Rhey walked up to it in wonder until a lady with red hair and eyes,caucasion skin,and had a purple suit on with red shoes.her name was Udon.

To be continued ......

       New identities
Luna then game them little crystal sticks and they looked at them with wonder.what are these things said jerren as he stared at them.
They are transformation pens said Luna, they have the power to disguise yourself into a different person. 
Oh I see like on the show said ami.then they activated them and there identit just es changed drastically. 
AMI was now a girl with green hair ,red eyes ,white Caucasian skin with a go uniform on.jerren looked like mihoshis race with tan skin blue eyes and blond  hairand with a 'red suit on.
AMI you are now akuya said luna. You are a space cadet in training but got lost in a space pirate shuffle so you stranded here. And jerren you are now mikumo  a retired sinawian soldier and a colonist here who took akuya in to watch after her. Wow! Thanks jerren and ami said I. Unison

To be continued.......

      No need for a city!

The ship buried itself iunderground from public view and jerren and ami  began to walk . There journey and long walk lasted for about 3 hours until they stopped only being 1 mile awy to there destination. tey took deep breaths.
"man only a mile away and i'm already at my limit said ami as she took deep breaths putting her hands on her knees.
"i agree said jerren  nearly falling to the ground. my body cn't take another step.
they then fell completly on the ground.jsut then two cats appeared before was artamis and luna.wake up you two said luna we have somthing for you. jerren and ami got up and saw that it was luna and artamis.
"Hey its Luna and artmis! Said ami what news soupy have for us now?
' no news said Luna just gifts said artimis

To be continued......
          The planet genon

The silver luna pierced through the planets atmosphere and after a few minutes landed on its soil. A few minutes later Jerren and ami got out and took deep breaths. There  mercurian and regular servants  came out but  jerren and ami turned them back to the ship.

No my servants you stay in the ship were its safe said ami, if you were to follow us you would attract unwanted attention. 
Yeah and well be discovred said jerren, so instead rest inside the ships main subspace and build homes there if you like. 
We understand the servants all said in unison as they went back into the ship. 
Now all we half to do is change are identify said ami but how? 

Man ! If we only had some help right   now!

YeH said ami like from endymon and serinity be continued.......
Hey also check my  fanfic on by this guy who helped me edit


United States
a fan of ,sega,and history of all kinds! and make fanfics.

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