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meeting the princesses
                   meeting the princesses
the guards with ami captive went outside and to a flower garden. there the eldest princess of jurai ayeka was sitting in a chair by a table sipping a cup of the princessow the other one was a bit taller, being 5 foot 6 in height. She also had a Caucasian skin color, while her eye color was wine. Her hair was purple, and in somewhat of a ponytail with ‘spaghetti straps’ framing her face.her out fit was a mixture of blue and purple .she was  modest, well mannered, traditional, and aristocraticand a shining symbol of what jurai stood for.
ayeka looked at her new servant and assiant ami and smiled.
"why hello there she said to ami , as she took a sip of her tea. come join me for a cup of tea. ami mizno sat down  in the other chair on the oppisite side of the table and ayeka poured some tea for her.
"you may leave us now" ayeka said to the two guards  and they went
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parting ways rewrite
                                 parting ways
Early the next day, Jurian guards rousted the Mercurians from their tents that they were assigned to and were dragged away for the slave auctions that was taking place. Two guards pushed into Jerren and Ami’s tent.
"Get up!” a guard commanded, punctuating his order with a swift blow to Jerrens’ stomach with his pike. “You are coming with us!" Jerren and ami woke up alarmed and frightened as they looked at the two guards.
"What!? Where’s the fire at?” Jerren asked in surprised and pain, “What happened?"
"Did something happen?” Ami said in alarm, “Who’s in trouble?”
"Emperor Azuza and Empress Misaki have ordered your presence immediately!” said the second guard.
"Them again?” said Jerren yawning. “Did we break another one of their rules we didn't know about?"
"You will know wh
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before azuza and misaki rewrite
                         before azuza and misaki
the guards dragging jerren and  ami  went back into the  great  tree . it took a half hour going through multiple hallways and passage ways to reach the trhone room of azuza and misaki.he “escort” continued until they had reached the throne room of the royal building, the guards shoving their two captives over, causing them to fall flat on their faces, before kneeling themselves before their leaders. “How unnecessary...” Jeremy muttered, going to stand along with Ami. The guards sprang up and pushed their faces back into the carpet, barking in unison:
“You KNEEL before your superiors!” They immediately gave up their pointless struggle, and the guards returned to their kneeling as well.
“How do we get in these predicaments, Ami?” Jeremey asked her in hushed, exasperated tone.
“We were just in the wrong
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jerren and ami rewrite chapter 2: the tenju estate
Roughly two hours had passed since Jerren and Ami, along with the other captives, had progressed to their destination. As the outside got further and further away what they saw next stunned them.
“What in the world!….is that…A Giant Tree? It’s massive! I can barely see the top,” Jerren shouted in amazement at the sight before him, a displayed mirrored by many of the other passengers.
Ami in particular looked on in awe at the titanic tree, that towered over the clouds. “It's actually reaching up into the sky and clouds above. How is that even possible, and why?”
Little did the two know about how significant that tree truly was. Massive was an understatement of its description, easily reaching a height of over 5000 meters high. However, what was more important to note was that it was the home of the Royal Palace of Jurai, housing the current Emperor and his family, as well as the main homes of all of the Imperial Houses, the Royal Arboretum and m
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No need for Jerren and ami rewrite prolouge
on the the the plains  of the planet mercury, and fierce battle was going on. bodys of  the  dead civlains littered the streets of once peacful city now layered in ruins.beutuful landscapes and house were now on fire and in ruins as the jurain army searching from house to house were searching for  any cilvlian they could find. there were also clashes on the streets as  as civilians tried to defend themselves against the ruthlesss invders,but one by one they fell and got brutally slain by the more experienced  soldiers of jurai. in a desserted house,   inside  a celler  a, boy and a girl was hiding along with a few civilians of mercury. afraid and scared,the boy and girl  held each eachother along with the surviors. there was all of a sudden a large bang on the door. it was then kicked open as soldiers were searching the upper areas of the
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Arc 5 no need for a place
No need for a place
A soul that needs savng. Said Ami I wonder who that can be?
Well wecan'tthink just waiting here said jerren let's go I to the town to find out. Why about the servant thoough did Ami we don't want to be so they'll have to live in are ship.   Jerren then went to thr servants.
Sorry guys but we can't raise any you'll have to stay and live I the ship toll future notice. The servants all nodded n agreement and went into the ship. Jerren and Ami then headed for the nearby city  and braced themselves for what about here about to see. 
To be continued..
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FZllE2sDSO by segaman4 FZllE2sDSO :iconsegaman4:segaman4 1 0 liukang pokemon card by segaman4 liukang pokemon card :iconsegaman4:segaman4 0 0
Ayeka arc :no need for martial arts lessons
               No need for martial arts lessons:
      Another week went by and jerren and ami were to report back to misaki.
so how how did your second week with  azuza go? ask misaki as jerren and ami walked in here combat zone .
well we went to a tea party jerren said sarcastacclly with a smile.misaki raised her eyebrow at this.
"he means that  we learned the ceremonial tea party said was interesting.
I see replied misaki.welltoday you two wil continue &nbsp your martial arts training sessions
with my two daughters ayeka and sasami.
jerren and ami put there heads down and sweat came down there head.
"oh great jerren and ami said in unioson  them again
yep and they should be here in a few minutes said misaki. oh and also at the end of the year  you will  be tested based on what you learned .
"azuza told us the same thing a week ago said ami .
well then I guess you know what happensthen if you don't
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Ayeka arc extra chapter:no need for royalships
                      No need for royal trees:
  Jerren,ami and azuza went back into they class room they were in a week before and jerren and ami sat down  in there seats  .
"ok you two today we will learn about the jurain royal ships and how they operate.
as you know  already are guardion tsunami came here millions of years ago to the 3rd dimension  to find a being superior to her and her sisters.she turned to a giant humanoid form which she could communicate with all lifeforms .thus as you also know the first emporer of juri found her sleeping as a tree .shw also made the gra heavens tree into the tenju estate you see know and practically made the trees or ships you see know.
"I'm definatly going  to enjoy this lesson said ami exited."
"I actually agree with her said jerren maybe this time I won't think about throwing myself out a window.
"lets hope you don't do that replied azuza .then he continued
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Ayeka arc extra: nom need for dancing lessons!
                    Ayeka arc extra: no need for dancing lessons
After a week of rigourious a demanding training and simulations from misaki ,another new week started,anew week with Azuza. the stewards led jerren and ami to the upper part of the castle were azuza was waiting for them.
"we'll boy and girl how was your first week of training with misaki? he asked smiling at the two seeing them just waking up and also streaching there backs.
"it was quite  ....demanding  replied  ami still streaching her back. I can't say I didn't get a good exercise.
"yeah added jerren. we got an exercise alright. her training makes your lessons look like a walk in the park."
I'm glad to here she gave you agood workout said azuza smiling,hearing that report certainly made my day. but moving on today instead of studing from your books were going to learn dancie lessons.
"dance lessons! jerren and ami said in surprise."
did I studder replied
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no need for challanges
   Arc 3- no need for challanges
This simulater said seto will test your skills as a a leader. We will start with level 3 .your job is to stop an invasion of Jurai from invading force s.going first nwill be tennyo misaki .she will show her trues skills and bravery as a leader.
tennyo went up to the huge battle simulater and it activated. she was now in  a chaotivc situation. people were running scared and ships were being blown apart in midair.
whats going on here said tennyo as she pondered on these events. just then she saw a woman with short light green hair  and with a white suit on.she was looking for her lost child and seemed very  worried. Sasami! ,sasami! She said in a very worried voice.
Sasami the princess of jurai is lost said tennyo oh no ! I know  how this is all going to end!  Tennyo went to the woman 
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Arc 5-no need for planet counter!
                                no need for planet councer!
meanwhile ,jerren  and ami with there ship the silver luna landed on the planet safley. jerren and ami and all the servants got out to check out the scenery. nearby was a bustling metropolis with hover car and bright lights glowing all around with the sound if people going about there everyday lives. Before anyone one could take another step Luna and artimis appeared from a portal with some news andpensds some items to help on your journey. Then artimis and luna rook out. Two devices that looked like pens thus making jerren and ami curious.
What are those thing said jerren they look like pens,

There transformation. Pens said luna here to disguise you.  With these pens you will become different entites and help you hide from the jurian empire
Artimis gave them the pens and they activated.a bright light lighr was shown and afterwa
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Arc 4: no need for fugitives
                                               no need for fugitives
         so what your report my servant said Syuuzen as he turned his attention to the spy. 
Well my lord the boy and girl called jerren and ami just defected and left jurai. The jurain armada is after them as we speak and there branded traitors to the empire. The exiles from mercury  on the other hand was branded a national security threat to Jurai and the union and
were sent to interment camps.
"this changes everything said syuuzen.we need to escalate our plans. now that the economy is in shambles its time for plan b time for revolution.
meanwhile the silverluna arrived on a planet far away...
to be continued
end of arc 4!
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arc 4 no need for plans
         No need for plans
Meanhile back on Jurai in the amaki kingdom ,a spie came back to report to the emporer . He landed his ship by the castle and aproached the guards who were in front of the castle. State your purpose said one of the guard on the left , who are you?.
I'm a hired spy sent by emporer syuuzen to spur on the misaki kingdom. I just came from my assignment and want to speak with him for I have some very important news.
" you may enter then the guard on the right said as he opened the huge doors. The man entered and walked through the hallway s all the way to the thrown room were he approached a man and a woman.the man not the throne had white hair  caucasian skin,white eyes and ws muscular in appearance.his robe was a splash of blue and white.his name was syuuzen maki jury
to be continued.........
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arc 4 for need for a battle!
      No need for a battle!
Meanwhile imperial jurian military ships caught up with the silver luna and started shooting it with lazers.
Its jurai! Said jerren looking at the screens the military is shooting at us!
We have to get them off of us said ami  its time to counter attack!. The silver luna stared to shooT multiple lasers at the ships and some of the ships were eiter damaged or destroyed. Here lets do hyper jump said jerren. 
Good idea said ami , lets lose them!. Jerren used hyper jump and vanshed into hyper space
To be continued......
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Tenchi Muyo! Galactic Explorters-Chapter 1
Chapter 1
Kaede and the Space Pirate King
"One ninety six, one ninety seven, one ninety eight…" huffed a young woman as she was doing upside-down crunches from a tree branch.
As she made it to two hundred, she spoke to herself.
"Another day, another boring job in guarding the shrine. Seriously, if the shrine already has Tenchi and his family as its priests, why do they need a ninja like me to protect it in the first place?"
This was Kaede Masaki. She was a distant cousin of Tenchi Masaki and Kiriko Masaki as well as an old friend of Seina Yamada and the actual warrior of the Masaki Shrine. At least, to her knowledge. Kaede is unaware of Tenchi and Kiriko's lineage.
And she didn't care.
Kaede lived alone deep in the forest that the shrine was, but resided in the darkest, thickest part. After her parents' death, Kaede took on the life of a hermit with the family job of the Masaki Shrine's Shinobi Priest
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Jurai - Chapter 2, Part 6
Leaving the dock where Ryu-Oh was moored, the knights Azaka and Kamidake walked together, their staves strapped across their backs.  However, concern crossed the crimson knight's face as he turned to his partner.
“Azaka,” he said, “are you sure?”
“Very,” the elder man replied resolutely, “you felt it too.”
The younger warrior glanced to the side, folding his arms.  “I'm not sure what I felt.  I know it couldn't be our Lady.”
“Yes, and no,” the bearded knight commented.  “The princess is not our Lady, but her sister is.  They are blood relatives, so it is possible.  If Fate had chosen differently, their roles could have been reversed.”
A grimace wrenched the lips of the redheaded fighter.  “So, you think she could be like Princess Achi?”
“I know it.”
The two halted together and faced one another, a silent affirmation passing between them.
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